Wednesday, 26 September 2018

project day diary

Yesterday, on September 25th we had our school-project-day.
At first we had ex-cathedra teaching about the history of trees.
After this we did worksheets about how we can find out how old things are. 
For example: It is possible to find out and proof the age of items and also trees. 

At the end of our school day we met another teacher and two other parents who talked about our garden project.
In  this project we had the task to renew our available garden to get a retreat or playground for us and the other older kids.
This garden is also a place were we can plant trees and flowers to get fruits from the trees and to have a beautiful time in the garden.

To sum up, yesterday we learned many things about the past and how we know when things happened.

by E & C 🌳

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