Wednesday, 10 October 2018

The camping trip

   The first day!

On Thursday we left super excited 😀 for a camping trip to Kobersdorf. At first we quickly built up the tents and then we put the equipment into them. Afterwards we went to a lake where we enjojed a delicious lunch. After that we played hide and seek around the lake. A little while later we had a meeting to discuss the float we were about to build. We did that with Gerhard. Our materials were six barrels, two long strains, four short strains and ropes. After we built the raft we took it and rowed with it on the lake. Suddenly several kids fell into the water. One kid said: ,,This is like the Titanic!"After we did that we played funny games. Then we went to dinner. When we were finished  we went back in the darkness to the camping area.
When we were there we made a campfire and ate sweets and nachos. Horror stories 😱😈👻 we told too (and one girl was so scared that she couldn't sleep for the rest of the night). At nine p.m we went into our tents.

    The second day!

In the freezing morning we ate breakfast. We had bread and muesli but we had to eat the muesli in a cup. Afterwards we lit up a campfire because it was so cold and we discussed which activities we would do today. Then we went on a funny scavenger hunt. We got a list with many missions. We had to find four different fruits and three different leaves and more stuff like this. Our checkpoint was the landmark. At the crossroads we went to the lake where we ate lunch. After lunch we could play until we went to dinner. Afterwards we went back to the camping area and we made a campfire again. At eleven p.m we were very tired 😴 and went back to the tents.

The last day!

The last day wasn't exciting. We took our tents apart, ate breakfast, had lunch, went back and drove by bus back to school. When we were there we were all happy 😊 to see our parents.

Wednesday, 3 October 2018

Celts and trees

Yesterday in History we learned about Celts and trees  
(what a surprise that we learned yet again about trees)

We interviewed some students about their project day yesterday:

sir_puppet: "Hey Tizian what did you learn yesterday?"
Tizian: "About nationality, Celts, iron and our Celtic tree horoscope. So we talked about Celts and their culture and we all had trees with our birthdays. For example the weeping willow for the 1st-10th of March and the 3rd-12th of September. The weeping willow is artistic and loves the beauty in all forms and has got two souls in one body – one is dreamy and the other is lyrical.

sir_puppet: "Was it fascinating?"
Tizian: "Yes it was very cool!"

sir_puppet: "And you? What do think about yesterday?"
Tim:"It was cool."
sir_puppet:"What was cool?"
Tim"The coolest thing yesterday was the second unit. We heard a story and then we had to write a story on our own. Then we got a plant. It was very cool."