Wednesday, 24 October 2018

Our garden project

🌳🌼🌳Our garden project🌳🌼🌳  

 This year we finally started our garden project in our school.
With my classmates, some parents and  teachers I collect plans and ideas, what we could do with the garden. 

That's the small garden with a small compost heap, a beet and herbage.
     We organised 20 palettes which are now in our backyard. We have also ideas what we can do with them.                   
For example one idea is that we could build a "couch" for the older ones that we can use in the break.
In the garden next to our school we've already built a construction for the younger ones.
Here my classmates and me sow seeds. It's finally starting to grow!
  😜🌻By Linus Ritsch🌻😜


  1. This is a wonderful project! 🌳🌸🌳

  2. it is so important to reconect with nature and this project is a very good idea. you all do a great Job!