Wednesday, 19 December 2018

Merry Christmas


It's Christmas like every year,
and Santa Claus is coming with a reindeer.
And the houses is so clear
with a mother, she is so dear.

The Christmas markets are so wonderful,
with fairy lights so beautiful.
 The ranks are smelling like punch,
and people are buying it for brunch.  

You see on every child
s face a smile,
and it's for Santa just a mile.
In a foggy night you see on sky a red shine,
maybe it's from the mulled wine.

On Christmas eve kids and adults run to the Christmas tree,
and smile so bright because the presents are free.
All say thanks to Santa and Rudolf,
and nobody cries like a baby wolf.

Merry Christmas

by Paul & Jonas 

Wednesday, 12 December 2018

animal quiz 🐴💡🐞


Yesterday we learned a lot about forest animals living in Austria. So I've
 made a nice quiz about animals where you can test your English knowledge. 
Just click here and decide which kind of quiz or game you want to play.
 That's it! Have fun! 😁

By Linus Ritsch

Thursday, 6 December 2018

Film report📽


Ähnliches Foto

We are writing a film review about "Where the wild thinks are" because the movie contains a lot of information about the forest.
The film was released by Jonze and Dave Eggers in 2009.

It's about a nine year old boy who runs away from his family.
Max, who is the main character, is the boy who runs away from home because while he is wearing a wolf costume he runs like a wild animal and bites his mother in her shoulder and the mother sends him to bed without dinner.
But he is so angry that he pushes the door away and runs to the seaside. When he arrives at the sea he gets a boat and sails to an island where the wild things are.
He knows that he will be on his own but he doesn't know that there are creatures.

For most of the time the film takes place in the woods and in the desert.

But what Max does on the island and who he meets….?
Watch the movie and find out for yourself!

I would recommend it because the film is very joyful.

by E&C

Wednesday, 21 November 2018

mind map "FAIRY TALES"

Take a look at our latest blog. This time it's a mind map about fairy tales.
Click on the picture below to enlarge the image.

Wednesday, 14 November 2018

Photosynthesis 🍃


our new blog is all about photosynthesis.

how the photosynthesis works:

the photosynthesis  is the process that makes trees and other plants meaningful for us. It's like a coop game, we (humans and animals) give the plants CO2 and the plants give us O2. But not only our normal CO2 usage (without cars and stuff) is enough for air filtration. The plants also need sunlight and water. the plant's leaves absorb water, CO2 and light and put it into their chloroplasts.
Chloroplasts are small organelles inside the plant. Then all 3 ingredients are transformed into glucose and O2 (oxygen). The plant keeps glucose and lets the O2 free because the plant doesn't need the O2 and we breath it in and CO2 out. So it's an endless circle but we stop that endless circle when we chop more and more trees. The photosynthesis is vital for all of us so remember to be green, stop chopping trees, don't eat stuff containing palm oil and be fair to nature.😊

Bildergebnis für leaf gif
Thanks for reading

Wednesday, 24 October 2018

Our garden project

🌳🌼🌳Our garden project🌳🌼🌳  

 This year we finally started our garden project in our school.
With my classmates, some parents and  teachers I collect plans and ideas, what we could do with the garden. 

That's the small garden with a small compost heap, a beet and herbage.
     We organised 20 palettes which are now in our backyard. We have also ideas what we can do with them.                   
For example one idea is that we could build a "couch" for the older ones that we can use in the break.
In the garden next to our school we've already built a construction for the younger ones.
Here my classmates and me sow seeds. It's finally starting to grow!
  😜🌻By Linus Ritsch🌻😜

Thursday, 18 October 2018

magic mushroom

This Blog is about our last topic mushrooms.

-But at first, what is a mushroom?
 Do you know it?
 We know the answer. 

Yesterday we learned that mushrooms aren't plants or animals because they are their own kind of     creature.
Do you know that in 1983 the Eiffel Tower needed to close because there were too many bad mushrooms on the tower and do you know that mushrooms communicate and trade with trees. They give the trees phosphor and get sugar in return. The researchers only knew this kind of communication system since recent years.

The real mushrooms are under the earth.
When you collect mushrooms you shouldn't root mushrooms up because when you do this, the mushroom dies but if you cut it with a knife the mushroom can live again.

 -Types of  mushrooms                                                               
Bildergebnis für pilze hochformatBildergebnis für higher and lower mushrooms                                                                               

                                                                                        We hope you enjoyed our mushroom

                                                                                        by E & C

Wednesday, 10 October 2018

The camping trip

   The first day!

On Thursday we left super excited 😀 for a camping trip to Kobersdorf. At first we quickly built up the tents and then we put the equipment into them. Afterwards we went to a lake where we enjojed a delicious lunch. After that we played hide and seek around the lake. A little while later we had a meeting to discuss the float we were about to build. We did that with Gerhard. Our materials were six barrels, two long strains, four short strains and ropes. After we built the raft we took it and rowed with it on the lake. Suddenly several kids fell into the water. One kid said: ,,This is like the Titanic!"After we did that we played funny games. Then we went to dinner. When we were finished  we went back in the darkness to the camping area.
When we were there we made a campfire and ate sweets and nachos. Horror stories 😱😈👻 we told too (and one girl was so scared that she couldn't sleep for the rest of the night). At nine p.m we went into our tents.

    The second day!

In the freezing morning we ate breakfast. We had bread and muesli but we had to eat the muesli in a cup. Afterwards we lit up a campfire because it was so cold and we discussed which activities we would do today. Then we went on a funny scavenger hunt. We got a list with many missions. We had to find four different fruits and three different leaves and more stuff like this. Our checkpoint was the landmark. At the crossroads we went to the lake where we ate lunch. After lunch we could play until we went to dinner. Afterwards we went back to the camping area and we made a campfire again. At eleven p.m we were very tired 😴 and went back to the tents.

The last day!

The last day wasn't exciting. We took our tents apart, ate breakfast, had lunch, went back and drove by bus back to school. When we were there we were all happy 😊 to see our parents.