Wednesday, 19 September 2018

Our excursion to Marz (Burgenland)

Hi there!

Yesterday our school was in Burgenland on a nice excursion!
We learned a lot about trees, plants, animals and the whole forest.
At first we took the bus to Marz. We met our guide at the park and then we went 
into the forest. When we were in the woods he explained many interesting 
things about nature and wildlife. Then we acted out a little theater about the role of the wood. Later we went to a campfire place and grilled sausages. 🔥🍴
After this little break we played a game called "Zombie Catching". 
That was very funny!😀 At last we went into a small room where we
 talked about the animals which live in the forest.🐗🐰🐜🐛

We had a great day!
By Linus Ritsch

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