Wednesday, 3 October 2018

Celts and trees

Yesterday in History we learned about Celts and trees  
(what a surprise that we learned yet again about trees)

We interviewed some students about their project day yesterday:

sir_puppet: "Hey Tizian what did you learn yesterday?"
Tizian: "About nationality, Celts, iron and our Celtic tree horoscope. So we talked about Celts and their culture and we all had trees with our birthdays. For example the weeping willow for the 1st-10th of March and the 3rd-12th of September. The weeping willow is artistic and loves the beauty in all forms and has got two souls in one body – one is dreamy and the other is lyrical.

sir_puppet: "Was it fascinating?"
Tizian: "Yes it was very cool!"

sir_puppet: "And you? What do think about yesterday?"
Tim:"It was cool."
sir_puppet:"What was cool?"
Tim"The coolest thing yesterday was the second unit. We heard a story and then we had to write a story on our own. Then we got a plant. It was very cool."

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