Thursday, 18 October 2018

magic mushroom

This Blog is about our last topic mushrooms.

-But at first, what is a mushroom?
 Do you know it?
 We know the answer. 

Yesterday we learned that mushrooms aren't plants or animals because they are their own kind of     creature.
Do you know that in 1983 the Eiffel Tower needed to close because there were too many bad mushrooms on the tower and do you know that mushrooms communicate and trade with trees. They give the trees phosphor and get sugar in return. The researchers only knew this kind of communication system since recent years.

The real mushrooms are under the earth.
When you collect mushrooms you shouldn't root mushrooms up because when you do this, the mushroom dies but if you cut it with a knife the mushroom can live again.

 -Types of  mushrooms                                                               
Bildergebnis für pilze hochformatBildergebnis für higher and lower mushrooms                                                                               

                                                                                        We hope you enjoyed our mushroom

                                                                                        by E & C


  1. Wow, very interesting :-) and a very good description. Like it - Alexandra

  2. yes, I enjoyed your explanation :) but there is something I didn´t understand regarding the Eiffel Tower. Why were there to many mushrooms on the Tower? is this because there are many trees around in the area?