Wednesday, 19 September 2018

we're working hard on our lexical notebook "blogging"

It's all about blogs today...
Did you know that the word "blog" is a combination of web and log?
No? I didn't either 😀

Here are some facts and information I've learned today:

Do you know what a blog is?
a blog is a public diary online

There are lots of different types of blogs: 
travel blogs
animal blogs
food blogs
beauty blogs
gaming blogs
health blogs

what is a viral blog or viral video: 
A viral blog or viral video is when I share a blog/video with my friends and my friends share it with their friends.
The blog/video spreads fast, everywhere... it goes viral...


  1. Hi, very interesting summary. To be honest I wasn't aware of a definition what a blog is. It definitely helps to better umderstand the digital world :-). I look forward to your next blog. Hope to learn more from the new generation. Please go ahead :-)

  2. nice blogpost:) looking forward to more interesting topics soon!

  3. My favorite type of blogs are video blogs - vlogs , you are able to show emotions through them and they are simply more memorable.
    Anyway - great post and summary. Im looking forward to read more about it !

  4. I like your way explainig Topics. a short & informative message :) Looking Forward for next posts