Thursday, 6 December 2018

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We are writing a film review about "Where the wild thinks are" because the movie contains a lot of information about the forest.
The film was released by Jonze and Dave Eggers in 2009.

It's about a nine year old boy who runs away from his family.
Max, who is the main character, is the boy who runs away from home because while he is wearing a wolf costume he runs like a wild animal and bites his mother in her shoulder and the mother sends him to bed without dinner.
But he is so angry that he pushes the door away and runs to the seaside. When he arrives at the sea he gets a boat and sails to an island where the wild things are.
He knows that he will be on his own but he doesn't know that there are creatures.

For most of the time the film takes place in the woods and in the desert.

But what Max does on the island and who he meets….?
Watch the movie and find out for yourself!

I would recommend it because the film is very joyful.

by E&C

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  1. I've already seen the movie, however it's a very interesting blog!